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We have been blessed by God with a beautiful facility that many find perfect for their wedding day. While we are not a wedding venue we do love to host weddings when we are able. 

If you are interested in using our facility please fill out the facility interest form to the right and hit submit. This request will be reviewed within five business days by the pastor. Please allow at least that amount of time before following up with us because we do not have any full time staff.

 Once the request is reviewed by the pastor, it must be approved by our Property Team and our Administrative Council at there monthly meetings. Please remember we are not a wedding venue so our turn around time may be longer than a traditional venue. Depending on when your request is received, turn around time could be up to one month.  

Once approved by the Pastor, Property Team and Administrative Council, we will contact you to sign a finalized contract to secure your date and collect the refundable cleaning deposit. 

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions you may have. If you are interested in viewing the Church please submit an interest form and  we will respond as soon as we can.

Facility Rental Interest Form:

Please note this is not a contract and terms are subject to change.  


Non-Member and Inactive Member Rental Terms:

  • Sanctuary (Seating cap. 200) ____________________________________$350.00  (Rehearsal, ceremony, sanctuary seating, use of Fellowship Hall) 

  • Minister Rehearsal and Ceremony*______________________________$200.00

*Choosing this option means that the wedding ceremony script will be a general script of the ministers choosing. Additional changes would require the planning package. 

  • Minister With pre-marriage counseling and planning*______________$350.00 

* Selecting this you indicate that you are using the Linglestown Church of God’s Minister. If you wish to use your own Officiant, please Select just use of the Sanctuary, and fill out the below portion. 


For use of our facilities, you will be responsible for providing all of your own decor and other essential supplies. Please also plan for trash disposal as we do not have a large dumpster to place bulk trash. On the date of signing this contract a refundable cleaning deposit of $200 will be required to hold your date and will be returned to you within one week of your event so long as the facility is returned to the condition it was found in prior to 6:00pm on the date of your event unless additional time is requested and approved. If the facility is not returned to original condition with all decorations, trash, and other items removed, Linglestown Church of God will hold the deposit of $200 for cleaning. Additional fees may be charged if damage is done to the property or additional costs are incurred to the Church beyond the rental fee and deposit. A receipt of costs will be provided to renters should this occur. Small messes such as can be picked up by a vacuum will not be considered unclean.


The cost of the facility rental is due on the day prior to your scheduled event. Payment for facility use of $350.00 can be made in cash or check payable to Linglestown Church of God. Payment for use of our officiant can be made in cash or check payable to Trevor A. Reece. The cost of our officiant is $200 for rehearsal and ceremony only with no pre-planning or $350 for wedding ceremony planning, premarital counseling, rehearsal and ceremony. 


Should you need to cancel the scheduled event for any reason before the scheduled date, any deposit or payment shall be returned in full. Linglestown Church of God reserves the right to cancel the use of the facilities at any time with full refund of rent and/or additional fees collected.

Requested Services
Requested Services

Please Fill Out The Below Information if you are not using Pastor Reece as your officiant. 

Thanks for submitting!

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