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Our Pastor

Rev. Trevor A. Reece

Lead Pastor

Trevor is our lead pastor. He is husband to Nickie and father to Jude. Trevor has spent over 12 years in ministry from Church Planting and Worship Leading to Youth Ministry and Teaching Ministry. He holds a Masters of the Arts in Practical Theology from Winebrenner Theological Seminary. Trevor has the heart to show the world a Loving God and believes that it is the mission of the Church to Love God and Love People. When Trevor is not at Church you can find him at his full-time job at a local credit union, playing guitar, traveling with his family, making TikTok videos, or listening to podcasts and music of all genres.  Trevor's favorite bible translation is the English Standard Version but he will preach from many different ones.​

You can reach Pastor Trevor at

or find him on TikTok @pastortrevor 

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